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German Sales Literature and Cool Parts from Europe

	I met up with a friend from Germany at Waterfest and he hooked me up with
some european sales literature. Among these were booklets on the A8, A6
(new one), A4, A3, and S6 plus.
	Interestingly I found these OEM wheels offered there and thought I'd share
it. On the A8 are 17" 5spoke wheels identical to those on the A4 (only
bigger), 18" Avus style rims on the A8, 18" Wheels identical to those on
the A4 Sport Package, and the wheels on the S6 plus are damned cool too.
	If you follow the Porsche school of design and upgrades, OEM look wheels
in bigger sizes may be appealing to you. They are to me. I wonder why Audi
doesn't offer them as added accessories like BMW does?
	Looking at the amazing S6 plus I can only imagine what the new S6 will
look like. Later-G