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Audi tools & parts for sale


I have the Audi tools 2084 & 2079, used for changing the timing
belt on the 5-cyl.  Tools were never used, I sold the car before
I got around to doing the work. $100 for both, plus any shipping.

I also have two antenna masts, bought from PAP in an attempt to
get a mast for my Fuba antenna...  I never got around to returning
the two that didn't fit, and eventually replaced the whole antenna.
These would be intended to fit 1985-era cars... I don't know the
applicability across models, email me for a description and if
I have the one you want we'll work out a price.  One is just
a plain mast with a toothed cable coming out of it.  The other
includes housing and spool along with the mast.

I have two fuel pump mounts (rubber bushings with a stud
at each end). 

Finally, I have one black plastic center-hole cover for the Audi
alloy wheels.

I'm not on the list anymore, email me for more information...


I live and work northwest of Boston.


Walter Meares