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Audi 200T hard starting

I've owned various Audi's for the past five years, and have loved all
of them.  Recently, I picked up a '90 200 turbo.  This is the first
turbo I've had.  Before I bought it, I checked with the dealer who
serviced the car (I bought it from a private owner) and they said it
was a great car, but the only complaint the owner kept having was
that it is hard to start.  

It takes a good 5-8 turns of the motor, at least, before it fires. 
The dealer assured me this is common on the turbos.  My 5000S always
cranks right up on the 2nd turn at most, so I find it hard to believe
that the turbo can do this.  Once the car fires, it runs great.  (All
tune up stuff has been done, i.e. platinum plugs, fuel filter, air
cleaner, etc.)

Does anyone have any similar problems, or ideas to remedy this?

Also, because this is the first turbo I've had, I'm not sure what is
normal for boost pressure.  The gauge indicates that the most boost I
get is about 1.3, and this is at about 5000 r.p.m.    The gauge goes
up to 2.0 according to the book, so is there a leak, and if so, where
would it be?

John Z.
'90 200T
'87 4000S
'86 5000S