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RE: Audi 200T hard starting

John wrote:

	>It takes a good 5-8 turns of the motor, at least, before it
	>The dealer assured me this is common on the turbos.  My 5000S
	>cranks right up on the 2nd turn at most, so I find it hard to
	>that the turbo can do this.  Once the car fires, it runs great.
	>tune up stuff has been done, i.e. platinum plugs, fuel filter,
	>cleaner, etc.)
	>Does anyone have any similar problems, or ideas to remedy this?

My 87 5KCST behaves exactly like that, I really don't think it's a
reason to concern.

	>Also, because this is the first turbo I've had, I'm not sure
what is
	>normal for boost pressure.  The gauge indicates that the most
boost I
	>get is about 1.3, and this is at about 5000 r.p.m.    The gauge
	>up to 2.0 according to the book, so is there a leak, and if so,
	>would it be?

It sounds just right. I know the book says something like "the gauge can
read from 0.1 to 2.0", but I believe they just mean it's a physical
range of pressure sensor. In fact, the computer would cut off fuel
supply at 1.5