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Interchanging Drive Shafts


After the Pikes Peak run in the '83 TQC I decided to find out what all the 
rumbling under my but was about.

Car was put on jack stands mounted on the lower A arms to get shaftin alingment. 
Additional stands under suspension points just in case vibration causes one of 
the outboard stands slips. Then the stethescope is used at critical points. 
Front gear case, center bearing, rear dif case. Very little noise from the rear 
diff or from transmission/dif. This without load except for intermittent 

Found that the front driveshaft cv joint has some play and that there is a 
slight whirring from the center driveshaft bearing.

Last night, in spite of the Bentley manual's entreaty to the contrary, I began 
the disassembly of the drive shaft.

Big mistake! Looks like the unit was assembled by King Kong. Smashed my little 
finger in the U joint when I attempted to wiggle out the caps. Still hurts. 
Purple nail to prove it. 

Someone should make Audi merit badges.  

Has anyone out there successfully rebuild a driveshaft? What about the cv joints 
on the shaft?

I am dispairing of being able to accomplish the task without further injury. 

If this can't be can I interchange an 4000Q shaft for the TQC one?

Manuals say that the TQC has 99.5 inch wheelbase while 4000Q has 100 inch 
wheelbase. Aren't the body pans the same?

Your  thoughtful response will save me some significant time at the used parts 
yard since I have to pull the shaft myself.

Paul A. Caouette
Partners for Community Development
Denver, Colorado
 83 TQC with 207k & Still Going
 85 4000Q 
And Many past Audis Gone but not Forgotten