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Re: Roof Racks

On Sun, 06 Jul 1997 02:53:28 +0000 "Corbin E. Meek"
<cmeek@earthlink.net> writes:

>Also, who knows the best roof rack for the 87 4kcsq??  I need one that
can carry >primarily surfboards (up to 11 feet in length) and also bikes
and canoes.  Would like >any Btdt's posted directly to me for quick
assimilation.  Anything out there besides >Thule and Yakima???? Looking
forward to the cumulative wisdom . . .
>P.S.  I don't want a cheap surfshop generic rack.  Neither do I want a
cheap >aftermarket generic suspension upgrade.  It's like uncle ben's,
only the best will do . . .

Living in SoCal and being a surfer, I have looked into racks that
accomodate surfboards extensively.  I have found no system that can lock
a board to a car and provide a great rack at the same time.  I have a
Yakima that I use for boards (mostly short), and with pads on the bars
and good straps it works great.  Yakima also makes accessories for
canoes as well.

There has been much talk around here on and off about Yakima vs. Thule,
and FWIW, my sister has a Thule and it is just not quite as good as the
Yakima.  Square bars or not, the Thule is often more expensive, not
carried by as many dealers, and has an inferior system on which the rack
mounts to the car.

I routinely carry two Cannondales, skis/snowboards and surf boards and
could not be more pleased with the Yakima.  All of the locks are secure,
and the rack fits great.  If you find a better surf rack, please let us
know.  I don't think you will, but YMMV....

Do the right thing at http://www.yakima.com

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