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FS: 1989 200CS Quattro

I talked to my favorite mechanic back in Midland about this car and I   
think someone out there might be interested.  Usual disclaimers apply:

1989 Audi 200CS Quattro
Metallic Silver, Grey Leather
145,000 miles
No UFO's (we think)
Recent timing belt, PS hoses/pump, water pump, clutch, rear shocks, turbo   
cooling pump, rear calipers(?)...
The list goes on.  The maintenance records are available for perusal.
According to my mechanic the guy is fanatical about car maintenance, but   
is a Saab driver at heart so he no longer wants the Q.
Price $6,700.00 down from $9,500.00 (sucks for him, cool for us...)
Have not driven it, but have resources in Midland I would trust to go   
look it over if anyone really cared.
Interested parties should contact me privately, so as to not spam the   

Robert A. Dupree  rdupree@sidley.com
Network Engineer  312.853.7487 p
Sidley&Austin  312.853.7036 f
Chicago, IL  60603  800.728.0480 pager