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4000S Vs. 4000CS

You all may have noticed my earlier post, looking for a 4000 in Mass.
area. Well, then a question arose that I had pondered before and forgot
to ask earlier; what is the difference between a 4KCq and a 4KCSq? Or a
5KCq and CSq for that matter?

90 CQ

BTW- I was at Reitzl Porsche/Audi in Norwell MA today... here is a
partial used car inventory- 
'93 V8, white, 80K mi not sure whether 5 speed or auto (forgot to check)
'90 200 sedan, green, 5 speed 86.5K mi.
As well as several '94 90s and the usual array of 100s...
I will be going back tomorrow, if anyone wants me to check on anything
or get specifics....