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Re: I pick up the 90CSQ tonight!

AudiJeep@aol.com wrote:
...... In my opinion, I'd > stick with the 92-93 octane you had been

Jimbo added:

I have a 92 100S also and use 93 octane regularly.  It has the computer
thing, so I know what mileage I am getting all the time.  I get about
23-24 day to day driving.  An extended highway trip will get me 26-27. 
If I go east and put in Sunoco 94, the mileage goes up almost to 30.  I
can't really feel the power difference, but then I haven't been sticking
my foot in it.  I have repeated this on four trips, the results are
identical.  This tells me the car can definitely use the higher octane.
The extra point of octane is pricey at about a 10 cent bump, making it
boarderline worth it for a 10% jump in mileage.  Nobody here in west
Michigan has any 94 so can't take advantage of it locally.