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200Q vs V8 stiffness (was 200 vs V8)

On Jul 7,  9:24pm, Phil Payne wrote:
> Subject: Pros and cons of v8 Quattro (200 vs V8)
> In message <33C14609.41C6@pixar.com> Arun Rao writes:
> >      At 170K, the suspension was taut -- more so
> > 	than my 60K '91 200Q -- and the ride smooth.
> On almost _any_ Audi, that's just a matter of proper maintenance and
> the bushes every now and then.

	True, but I understand (from posts from other V8 owners)
	that there are structural differences between the two cars
	that might explain my impression.

	That brings up the obvious question : are the differences
	retrofittable to the 200Q? The strut-tower brace should
	be fairly straightforward, one would think.

	I consider myself relatively unsophisticated in suspension-
	related matters, but the V8 felt noticeably better even
	to me.  I drove my 200 to work this morning, and confirmed
	the impression.


	'91 200Q (60K)
	'85 5KT (146K)

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