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Insurance hassles

Drove my 5000csq to work during which time my other car was hail damaged.
Farmers sent me to their COD shops for "estimate"  Amount seemed low to me so
I asked the wife to get some more estimates- none of the body shops in Denver
would attempt to give estimate once they found out it was a Farmers insured
vehicle- you would think they saw a ghost. Have since been told that Farmers
will pay the shop whatever the final bill comes to once the car is repaired.
 Since my deductable is $500 I have decided not to fix it.  I cannot get an
unbiased "cash" estimate-  it's in everyones favor- except mine to low ball
the estimate and collect after the repair.
So have I been asleep and missed the change in car insurance? I feel that a
loss is either now or at trade in time and if I keep the cash I am not making
money, only even.
Any insights from the list welcome.      Thanks JD in Denver