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RE: S6 specifications vs. 90Q 20V

At least in Canada, the S4/S6 had a no-cost option to specify 15"
all-season tires instead of the 16" performance tires.  So, yes, those
could well be the factory wheels and tires.

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> Date: Mon, 7 Jul 97 23:11:28 -0700
> From: Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>
> Subject: Re: S6 specifications vs. 90Q 20V
> > I 'm the orginal owner of a 1990 90Q 20V with 102k km and am looking
> at a
> > potential upgrade to a newer Q. The dealer has just brought in a
> "demo"
> > 96 S6 and I took a long look at it today. The wheels are 15 inches
> and
> > the tires are Goodyear "Achieva". Something doesn't look right. 
> > Were these the original wheel/tire combo on the S6?
> Shouldnt be...the neighbor of my girlfriend has an 95 S6 Avant...it
> has 
> 16 inch wheels with a type of tire that i cant remember but i know
> that 
> they arent what you say those are...