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Brake update

   Out of town for a couple days.  My 89 200T still sits in the garage
with the hood up.  I replaced the servo with a used one to no avail.  I
was able to drive 9 miles before it set in big time again, although it
was somewhat gradual.  Back to my driveway, jacked up the rear end,
cracked the right rear bleed screw and everything broke loose.  So now
it's on to the MC I guess.  A neighbor asks the other day if we ever
drive this thing??
   It would be interesting for you to run those gauge tests when
everything is very hot to see if readings are similiar.  Maybe you did.
My pressure transducer also points towards the engine although on my 85
5kt it goes the other way as in the 84-88 Bentley.  Also, I tried to
disassembled my MC but can't get the spring clip loose--the damm thing
has no holes on the ends to hook a snap-ring plier.  The plugs on the
bottom had a fair amount of crud in them.  Sorry I don't have the
solution yet.  Keep in touch.

Bob Ringlien