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Avoid Morong-Falmouth Audi (Maine)

I picked up a '92 S4 from Mattie Imports in Fall River, MA, in Feb.  They
had gotten it from Morong-Falmouth Audi, who had been maintaining the car
for the original owner.

Their incompetent service hacks cross-threaded one of the spark plugs.
When I could barely turn the plug, even using my 1/2" drive, I put my
torque wrench on it, to see just how tightly they jammed it in.  The
wrench kept clicking, even at 250 lb. ft.!  What did these idiots use to
install it, an impact gun?  I ended up having to use a long breaker bar
and a lot of swearing to get it out.  Nearly half of the threaded section
of the plug was covered in aluminum carved from the head.

They, of course, completely deny having done it (not that I expected them
to own up to it.)

I don't expect any restitution, but I will file a complaint with Audi.

The only good thing that has come out of this whole affair is that Ivor at
TAP is going to do a three-angle valve job and port and flow it, in 
addition to repairing the threads for me.

Hopefully, the head won't have to come off again for some time!

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