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Re: Misfire?

Phil Payne said:

>> Anyone BTDT - under firm acceleration, ok to 4000 rpm, then slight power 
>> maybe missing, just enough to notice although engine still pulling, back 
>> slightly and engine continues through to above 5000 smoothly.
>> Hard acceleration similar except much more obvious and engine sounds
>> but still pulls.
>> What am I looking at here - misfire, overboost, fuel probs? Any
>> will be welcomed. I'm going to have it run on a rolling road soon but I'd 
>> a few ideas before I get my cheque book out.
>Check the hoses first.

What is being described sounds like the timing is being pulled off 
because of knock, not because of a hose problem....  Try running better 
fuel first.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO