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AC Condenser Repair: 90-90Q20v

Hi Folks,
     I need a new condenser for my 90-90Q20v.  Actually, what I need is to
understand what kind of rare metallurgical marvel the condenser is made of
at over $700 (will it hurt Superman, or is it just Platinum?).
     I searched the archives and found that a few folks have had their
condenser welded by a radiator shop or the like.  Is removing the condenser
difficult?  How did the repair hold up?  Would you do it again?
     My mechanic is recommending I go over to the R-134...conversion kit is
$75.  Has anyone else done the conversion?  If so, did you lose much
efficiency?  Including the above mentioned condenser I was quoted over
$1100 for the repair.  I've gotta be pretty damn warm before I part with
that kind of green.
     For a moment, indulge me.  Things available for $700.

     A nice new Nikon
     4 nice dinners for two including decent wine at the Bay Tower Room
Overlooking Boston Harbor
     32 Cases of good quality micro brew
     Half of Omega Speedmaster (agreat watch and piece of art)
     Enough 93 Octane Fuel to drive half way around the world (13,000
     An "Audi" A/C condenser

     Where the f*** do these people get off? Is this my last Audi?

     Paul "bitter bastard" Royal