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Audi S4 questions

Hello All, 

I have located a red 92 S4 at an independent dealer in my area.  This is
the first S4 I have driven and I am not very familiar with them.  This
car has the cross brace on the front struts and 17 inch wheels on it,
car was just amazing to drive, however I would opt to go back to the 16
inch wheels since the ride was slightly harsh and the steering wanted to
follow every crack in the road.  I have a few questions for the list
pertaining to the evaluation of this car:

	- are there any problem areas to be aware of on the 92 version of  	 
the S4 ?

	- the boost readout gauge is stuck at 1.0 ?? it accelerates 	  	 
nicely but not what I would expect,  how can I check out if the turbo 	 
is working properly?

	- with high mileage, are these cars prone to the same failures
	  as the 5KCSQ family of cars?  I have already replaced many of the 
	  expensive parts on my Q and am not eager to start over again 	  	 
anytime soon.

	- the car has 54K miles on it, the dealer does not have a warrany of 	 
his own but for a price will provide me with an extended warranty,
	  basicaly an insurance policy, does anyone have any experience
with  	  these policys and are they worth the money?

	- Does the Audi exterior color red hold up well over time? currently it
	  looks real nice but I'm concerned after the car is 10 years old
	  with the right care will it still look good?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Stan Carter

85 BMW 325e
88 Audi 5KCSQ pearl  (may be looking for a new home real soon)
94 kciub Roadmonster wagon