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Spy Photos of "LTech's" HOT A4 quattro...!!!


Just today I was at my local Audi dealer in VT and had the opportunity
to see "LTech's" HOT A4 quattro upgrades on the car. Talked with Mark,
the owner, from Quebec, CN and immediatly mentioned who I was and then
he let me snap off some "spy" digital photos for all to see. These are
pre-production photos, some items are in testing stages still and he was
without the correct tire/wheel combo yet. (his shipment was held in CN
customs from Germany...) He will have a full report with correct
"production" photos on EUROCAR FINDER soon. 

>From what I saw, this is the TRICKEST looking A4q to date. Kinda like
MTM's and Avant Guarde's look. VERY euro looking. Made ALL Audi's on the
lot look timid.

I haven't created a html page but have uploaded these "spy" photos to my
server. Go to:


Enjoy, Thompson Smith-