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Exhaust for Coupe

hehe...well, the trip back from pikes peak did show one sign of wear on 
my car, and that would be on the exhaust system.  I noticed the hole at 
first onthe way back, and it has been slowly getting louder since.  Well, 
tonight on the way back from seing MiB (funny movie BTW) the thing broke 
(it is completely rusted...jsutwaiting for it to happen really) and now i 
sound like i have a non turbo race car..hehe...oh well, it is REALLY loud 

I took a look, and the pipe that follows from the Cat to the muffler has 
broken about four inches or so from the joint to the muffler 
itself...(kep in mind that i know nothing about exhausts and that i may 
look like a fool talking about this).  It is obviously due to rust, and 
that entire pipe is a goner.

This is my thing, right now, i am broke, and i do mean broke....so, i can 
either tolerate the noise, which isnt too bad really, but it wakes up the 
neighbors at night, or one of you wonderful Audi owners can give me some 
way around getting a new muffler.  Or, how much would a new muffler be, 
stock, aftermarket, and custom, i will need prices on them all.

Is there any way just to make a temp fix or something?  

Ok, this is the end of this, if any of you out there can help me i would 
appreciate it, talk to you all later.

and i promise to send my interesting story about pikes peak when i am up 
to it....

Michael Sheridan Williams
1985 Coupe GT
160,000+ miles

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