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RE: tire tools set and euro headlights& 1 more Q

George wrote:

	>Just an interesting info: according to the Hungarian law,
	>all cars sold in that country must have AMBER turning lights.
	>If a car doesn't have it (i.e. U.S. grey-import car), the
	>lights must be made before the car is registered in the
	>There is an excessive "Euro-light" industry in Hungary to
	>satisfy the demand and the prices are relatively low.
	>A guy told my father as he asked about Chevy Lumina,
	>that "we'll laser-cut the amber light even for this car".
	>You know, how odd-looking are the lights of '95 Lumina.

	>My (U.S.-spec) '97 A6 QW has all-red lights in the back
	>and I am looking to probably get an amber set for it in
	>Hungary. I am not sure, but as I've seen the pictures, even
	>the A6-es sold in Germany or Netherlands have red turning
	>lights in the back - it would be interesting to know more
	>about it.
	>Anyway, if they are sold in Hungary (and A6 QW "Avant" IS
	>sold), there is a kit for it over there.

According to the law in most European coutries you must have orange
turning lights, but it means they have to emit orange light when they're
flashing. It is OK to have such cool-looking turning lights that are red
but turn orange while operating, like the in V8 or new A6. I've even
seen Hella _green_ and _blue_ tail lights for Golf. They are made to
match car's color, but of course they emit correct light colors when
turned on. The US-made cars just flash their red stoplights as turning
lights and this is illegal in Europe. You must also change the
headlights to euro-spec ones.