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Re: AC Compressor: Sanden source

Good news and bad news....

Well my AC compressor is leaking too. The good news is that Audi used the
same Nippon Denso AC Compressor from about 1986 through 1991 on many
models. The bad news is that it has always cost about $650 new.

Hear are your options I have learned of:
1. Buy new -- Obviously, this will be the most expensive but it will last
2. Buy Refurbished -- I haven't found a decent source for rebuilding yet.
One quote was $450.
3. Have yours rebuilt -- I think this would be relatively inexpensive if
you could find some one to do it. I've been told to look in the yellow
pages under AC or automotive rebuilders. The seals inside the unit die and
need to be replaced. This would mean that you would need to dive into your
car and pull the unit your self though. AC would kind off spooks me.

4. Buy a junk yard pull, very risky since all the compressors have the same

5. Think cool

Keep me posted what you find.

Mike Benno

>We'll  I just got the unhappy news that my AC Compressor is leaking..
>Does anybody know of a source for a Sanden compressor that will fit an
>87 5000?
>TIA - Mark
>Mark Aaldering