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Re: Street driving on BFG R1's

jackr@internet.kronos.com wrote:
> Is that 600-900 of track driving?
> ...fifth of their life driving slowly in a straight line!
> ...some people regularly drive long distances to/from the track

yes, track driving, hard track driving, so I think you won't
use them up at a tenth that rate.

Let's look at DOT standard treadwear ratings, if a high performance
tire with a rating of 240, or 280 or 320 will get you 25,000 street
miles, then the R1s with a rating of 60 should get you at least
5,000 street miles, so:

160 street miles/ 5000 street miles = 3.2% life

therefore if you were going to get 800 track miles, now
you'll get 96.8% x 800 = 775. (On the 4k, not the V8, right?)

I wouldn't sweat it. See you at WG.