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Re: Temps/Fan games

At 08:52 AM 7/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hey Dave,  I guess by 80 you mean an 80 degree celsius radiator thermostat?

Yup. Actually you need to replace the thermostat and thermoswitch as a pair
for it to work right.

>Is this a part that is easy to find?


>Did the high speed fan coming on sooner bother you?  It would seem this
>would help the hot running problem in traffic.

It runs too much - sounds like a hurricane. Finally overheated the relay -
so I removed it and have no high speed (which also isn't fused, BTW -
dangerous). Works fine in all temps/driving conditions except 98+ degrees on
freeway with AC on in max configuration. I plan on fitting an S6 6 bladed
fan to correct this - supposedly flows 100% more air.

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