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Re: AC Compressor: Sanden source

At 10:48 AM 7/9/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Dave -
>Called ICE - the Sanden is $570 for the 87 5K.

When I talked to them last year, they didn't have a bracket made for a 5K
yet (and they were looking for a test mule to fit it - they did one for the
European Car  4KQ.
Let me know if the have the bracket - I may spring sooner! The car turns
into a dog with the AC on now unless I'm on it hard continuously...

Note - you may want to consider new hoses anyway for R134 (eventually, at
least) - the molecule is smaller and escapes through the older style hoses.
The newer hose is plastic lined and prevents this. You would be facing a
recharge every one to two years versus 100 to 200.00+ for new hoses.

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