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Re: AC Condenser Repair: 90-90Q20v

On Jul 9, 11:04am, Bob D'Amato wrote:
> Subject: Re: AC Condenser Repair: 90-90Q20v
> On Tue, 8 Jul 1997 Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> >      My mechanic is recommending I go over to the R-134...conversion kit is
> > $75.  Has anyone else done the conversion?  If so, did you lose much
> Second...the switch to R134 is nothing short of miraculous. For the local
> shop to repair 4 o-rings, do the conversion and fill it up was under
> $200. It hasnt lost any efficiency either, its pretty darn cold...
> So for a grand total of $230 I was up and running again.

	Clearly you guys know something I don't -- the (AC-Delco)
	compressor on my 5KT died last year, and the local shop
	wants $800 for an R-134 conversion.  This in spite of
	the fact that rebuilt compressors are freely available for
	about $150 and are R-134 compatible out of the box.

	I can easily replace the compressor myself, and I'm reasonably
	sure I could tackle any O-ring replacement that might be required,
	but have shied away from the job simply because of all the
	zillion warnings on the compressor installation/recharging

	Has anyone out there actually DIY'ed this job?  Tips would
	be appreciated!


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