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1983 UrQ parts fiche question

Two different parts, two different questions. Injector inserts.
Two are pictured on the fiche. My old ones are the short
stubby ones pictured. The longer ones have a slightly smaller
diameter and require 12mm allen to remove, mine require
13mm to remove. I assume the short ones are the correct
replacement? Are there seals for these inserts? Question 2:
Ball joint to A-arm mounting bolts. Mine used a lock plate
and bolts. The fiche shows lockplate and studs with two
different stud lengths. I assume the longer length is correct
for the UrQ? Does it matter that they're studs and not bolts?
Any help is greatly appreciated. If there is a cutoff my VIN
ends with DA900543. Phil, you're always mucho helpful on
the parts info. Thanks a lot.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.