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Thermostat , was water wetter (late)

Blaufergnugen sells a 85 DegC radiator switch ($13.95). I guess from
previous posts I've seen on this you should also match the radiator
switch with a 87 DegC thermostat ($15.95). 

I did a poor-man temporary fix a few months ago when my aux. turbo pump
was bad. I spliced into the radiator fan switch wires (red-grn to
blu-red for 2nd stage fan speed) with a toggle switch. I located the
switch inside the car on the lower storage shelf. Now that I have fixed
my turbo pump I use it to cool down the engine from about 2 miles away
from home. I have also used it it traffic on hot days when the engine
temp. is up to the 3/4 mark.

87 5KTQ