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Re: Optional tires for 1.8T

Greg Spark <sparkg@wave.co.nz> wrote:
> The US version of the A4 1.8T is clearly aimed at the enthusiast
> who wants to order up aftermarket performance mods. It is incredibly
> cheap - especially compared to many other markets, and comes with 
> very low interior spec and wheel specs. 
> This really suits the enthusiast who wants to put his dollars into
> mods that make a difference to performance/handling/looks without
> having to scrap/trade high cost OEM items, such as the 16 inch 
> 5 spokers.
> If I was starting from the 15 inch wheels with <gasp> 195/65
> tires I would jump straight to 17 on 225/45 or 245/40 tires, accepting
> the slight drop in wet/gravel grip for awesome dry grip and looks. But
> the car *must* be lowered at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches too. Add a front
> bumper/spoiler from MTM, *no* rear spoiler and you have one stunning
> A4. Oh , and also don't forget the 210hp MTM upgrade (the 286hp is
> pushing it a bit unless you accept a boggy bottom end).
> -- 
> Greg Spark
> sparkg@wave.co.nz
> Hamilton, New Zealand
> '96 A4 1.8Tq 5sp MTM/Remus 200hp


The US spec is far and away higher than the standard fare in Europe.  Hey,
you can order you 1.8TQ w/o air conditioning, no rear power windows, no
psgr airbag, no aluminum wheels (love those frisbee hubcaps), base cloth
interior (extra cost for satin/velour), no folding rear seat, no radio, no

However, if you've got the money or are otherwise crazy enough, the
availavle option list is much more complete and allows just about all
combinations and permutations of powertrain/options you can conjure up. 
None of this "you can't get sport suspension on 1.8T", you can have it with
any engine and trim you wish.  

BTW, i've had 17" wheels on my past three A4's, first 235/40R17 now
235/45R17, always Michelin MXX3's.  Hey, even my snows are 215/45R17
Michelins.  Now if I could only sell a set of the 17's with the car, I
could get 225/4018's next...

I can also vouch for power, have good experiences with Abt's 193hp upgraded

Jouko Haapanen
Automarkku Oy Audi-VW
Pori, Finland