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Re: pinion/spider gear bearings...HALP!

In a message dated 97-07-07 09:04:11 EDT, you write:

<< Did your mechanic check the oil level? Your last hope is that there's
 not enough oil and topping up will quiet the think down. You could
 eventually add some magic "metal conditioner" thing, like Militec 1, but
 it would be rather act of desperation. Most prolly your mechanic is
 right :-(
As usual, my mechanic _is_ right.
Lemme see...
used diff                360
fluid                      11.85
cleaner                  8.95
converter seal        6.60
seal kit                 47.80
exhaust hangers    7.90
pinion seal            28.94
valve cover gasket  16.00

parts total              488.04
Labour 6@ $62      372.00
Taxes                   129

Low fluid level costs $989.04CDN !!

Hey all, check your diff levels!!

Steve Bigelow
84 5ks much quieter now (sigh)