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Pent. Consumption - whats normal?

     Hi Gang,
     I was filling Pent. this morning (the green one - 7, not red - 11) 
     after the wonderful red brake indicator came on and it occurred to me 
     that I seemed to have filled it up recently.  Anyway, it got me 
     wondering what "normal" pent. consumption should be.
     So, what is the general concensus on how much, and how often the Pent. 
     is consumed?
     Your collective thoughts on this is, as always, much appreciated!
     P.S. - as an aside, I got a number of 20x CD drives (E-IDE) interface 
     that I'm looking to sell.  They are new, part of a bulk order...if 
     anyone on the list might be interested in upgrading their computer, 
     e-mail me personally.