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Re: re vibration ???

Sargent Schutt wrote:
> Solomon,
> Two suggestions from having BTDT with this car:
> 1 - possible bent wheel - try rotating the front wheels to the back and
> see if the vibration seems to come more from the front or the back. If
> it changes you should check the wheel - it could be bent laterally, e.g.
> doens't appear out of round to the eye but it is.
> 2 - wheel bearings - when they start to go bad, they can give that
> feeling. Try jacking the car up (in N) and check for free rotation.
> There should be no 'grainy' feel, and no resistance except for some
> resistance from the brake pads, but it should be uniform resistance.
> Sarge
> 91 200q
> 86 5ktq
> 90 90q20V (sold last year) went through similar problems - both bearings
> and bent wheeel :(.

I don't understand is that if it is either the bearing or the wheel, why
would the vibration comes and goes ?
Temperature does not seem to has any effect on it.