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items for sale for 4000q

I sold my '86 4000csq yesterday; couple extras still for sale.
**Bentley manual, also good for coupe and coupe quattro;
**Haynes manual for 4000 and coupe, not for quattro, although that's only
suspension stuff...
**Front spoiler (german aftermarket sold through dealers, TUV approved,
painted Zermat Silver, but a bit scraped up on the bottom (only through the
paint).  Also fits aero-bumpered coupes.

Reply to c1j1miller@aol.com

Also, anyone got an extra shift knob for sale?  the one on my '91 200q (wood)
is kinda worn, and I'd like to replace it.  Has anyone done the momo knob in
zebrano wood - does it match the rest of the wood trim??

and - Anyone know of a good junkyard in southern New Hampshire/norther
Massachusetts?  TIA