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RE: Pent consumption

Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:

> Hen wrote:
> >      >So, what is the general concensus on how much, and
how often the
> > Pent.
> >      >is consumed?
> Pentosin consumption should be minimal. I was adding green
gold on a
> regular basis, but since I rebuild pump and rack the fluid
level stays
> at 'max' mark and I didn't have to add fluid for 3 months
>                                         Alex
> >
> >Jimbo's 2 cents

My experieince is the same.  When it got to the point where
a can of green gold was leaking out in less than 3 weeks, I
replaced my rack.  did it myself, not too hard, cost about
$200.  Since i put in a new rack a year and a half ago, it
hasn't lost a drop.

> >