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Quattro Digital Speedo/Odo

>It's the busted gear syndrome, common to VW's and 4000's. You
>can get it rebuilt, or buy one from a junkyard, etc.

The transaxle I have is from a Audi 5000 Turbo... and has a mechanical
speedo gear (which rotates, but has been cut).

1. Is there a electronic speedo gear that can be obtained?  Was it an
option on Any of the Audi 5000's?  Maybe aftermarket?

2. Does anyone know how many turns per mile this cable/gear would be
rotated?  If so, I can easily retrofit an electronic hall effect sensor to
the cable when I replace it if an existing sensor is not available.

I called around to various suppliers, no luck.  Any info would be mucho
appreciated :)

Frederic Breitwieser
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