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215/60X15 on 5ktq

 meck@hutton.net (Jon Meckem) wrote:


I have 215/60R15 on my '87 5kt (non-q) on stock 15x6 rims.
I think you're better off sticking with 205/60R15 since you really
need a wider wheel and the 215s roll over too much on 15x6.
The Tire Rack had Yokos AVS-Intermediates in 205/60R15
for $99.  The stickier tire will make a bigger difference in handling
than the 215/60 will.

p.s. I thought you sold the '73 S.


Steve Jagernauth  jagernauth_stephen@bns.att.com
'87 5ktqw
'87 5kt
'74 911/3.0