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Re: Welcome to #quattro channel!

IRC (Intercontinental Relay Chat) is a system where a server allows users
to connect and chat with each other in a "real time" format.  Obviously not
everyone wants to chat about the same thing(s), so they set up "channels"
(sort of like rooms) to join.  Each channel has a name (such as "Quattro"
or "Win95.Software") describing the topic of the channel, preceded by a #.
So one would expect by joining #quattro to be put in a "room" with other
people who want to talk about quattros (or Audis in general).  Most people
opt to use a special IRC client (there are many available for Macs and PCs)
making it's use much simpler.  Unfortunately, as shown in another response
on the list, you often find a very immature breed of the human species
occupying IRC who couldn't care less about the topic of the room and
randomly spam you, verbally abuse you or kick you out of the room.  If Dan
were to set up an dedicated IRC server devoted to listers, I would probably
check it out.  I won't go near open IRC.  BTDT.


At 02:27 PM 7/10/97 -0400, you wrote:
>AUDI GT wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'd like to invite all listers to the our channel on IRC
>it's #quattro.
>> Bye, CTAC
>Jimbo's confused reply:
>I'm supposed to be fairly computer literate, but don't know
>what this channel thing is all about.  Can someone enlighten