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Re: final drive lube

CLDEPE@frmail.frco.com wrote:
..... diff is getting noisy and I don't know if the "mysterious
evaporating lubricant" has ever been replaced as recommended by the
factory so long ago.
> Any help is appreciated!
Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it isn't disappearing. It is
leaking past the seals into the automatic transmission. (assuming yours
is auto.)  Likewise, the auto tranny fluid is leaking back into the
final drive.  I refer to this as "swapping spits".  The final lube
doesn't hurt the tranny, just makes it stink when hot.  However, the
red, auto tranny fluid is too thin and the resultant thin, reddish
mixture is not good for the bearings.  If you are hearing noise, it may
be time to get out the Bentley and read about rebuilding or replacing
bearings in the final drive.