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RE: final drive lube

You wrote:

	>Anyway, I know that the drain (and fill?) plug is a 17mm hex
job, and I can get
	>one of those at Sears, but I read in the archives that on some
	>overfilling is necessary; ie through the speedo cable hole.  Do
I do this, or
	>fill until oil drips out of the filler hole?  I am thinking of
using synthetic
	>lube as well- any recomendations?  Oh yes, it is of course an
autobox.  I think

I have an 87 5KT, but I think it will apply to your car as well. The
factory assumed the diff oil will never have to be changed, so there's
no drain plug. You have to figure out how to drain oil through the
filler plug, and sorry, I can't think of any other way to do this than a
suck-o-matic machine at the dealer. Filling is simple, just pour the oil
until it overflows.