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Right Hand Drive complications, and Search for NC Audi


I'm in the states on a temporay visit, and am looking for a car that I
will use for a couple of months, and either sell here, or ship home to
the UK.

Does anybody know of any cheep ($2000 max) Audis for sale in the
Carolinas, around Charlotte or Raleigh would be easiest.

My other option is to get an American (Lincoln, Mercury, Cadillac, Buick
etc) car, and when I finish, ship it home and sell at a profit.  Then
get a UK Audi, or put some money in to my current 100 5E.

Also, Phil is always cursing the time for a MC change in a RHD urQ.
Does this problem apply to all Audis, or just the urQ.  Are there any
other problems associated with RHD that would be fixed if I took a LHD
home with me?

Any suggestions or ideas welcomed!


Mike Walder
Hardware & Software Engineer
Undergraduate Computer Science
at the University of London
-My cars----------------------------------------
1982 Audi 100 GL 5E 2144cc inj.
1984 Mitsubishi Galant Turbo 1997cc
1980 Rover SDI 2600S
Mike Walder
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