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Re: Audi upholstery

At 08:46 AM 7/11/97 +1000, Mark&Michelle Sousa wrote:
>Has anyone had any uphosltery work done on their Audi? I'm currently
>getting a new headliner, rearwinshield area, and one of my doors redone,
>and its costing me $400. How bad am I taking it in the rear?

I'd say you're getting a fair price. (It *feels* fair to me, at any rate).
And I say that because just this week I called a well recommended
upholstery place and asked what it would cost to completely reupholster the
leather seats (just the seats, but all of them, front and rear; not the
door inserts). The estimate was $2500.

YMMV, of course. I'm sure I could find a cheaper place, but then, I'm a
firm beleiver in "you get what you pay for."

Hope this helps (for comparison sake).

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