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Cheapskate clutch bleeder

Seeing comments about pressure bleeder needed for clutch (5K/100/200 series)
or it won't work right.

Replaced master & slave a few weeks ago, no one available to help bleed
(clutch, money or pentosin - take your pick) . . . what to do?

Before installing master or slave, FILLED them with brake fluid - funnel &
dribble & pump on slave, easier on master. Closed hoses before install so as
not to make too much of a mess in car. So far so good, and only minimal air
left in system.

Took a plastic bottle of windex, took apart squeeze trigger, found a one-way
valve underneath.

Short rubber hose mated clutch bleed fitting to inlet of ex-windex pump,
placed whole device with valve at top (upward) in engine compartment, added
catch-basin for overflow.

Opened bleeder slightly, pumped clutch pedal gently. Brake fluid and bubbles
passed up hose, bubbles exited at top of old windex spray nozzle, some brake
fluid also - watched bubbles rising in translucent hose. One-way valve
prevented bubbles or fluid from being sucked back into the slave cyl. After
a few tries (maybe 5 minutes gentle pumping), no more bubbles, brake fluid only.

Closed everything up, sonofagun, it works perfectly!!!!

Will I annoy the Audi gods? (Its OK, still need to fix the A/C.)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman