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UrQ Parts

In message <970711084157_93651184@emout13.mail.aol.com> AMD2539@aol.com writes:

> I just saw your post re; the cis work you recently did.  Are warmup/control
> pressure regulators available used?  I need one for my 81 urQ, it has the 2
> vacuum fittings versus the one that the later replacements come with.

Sanburn has a shelf full of the things - they seem to regard them as "things on 
the end of those long fuel pipes we sell that aren't worth the effort of 
They're pretty easy to test with either the Bosch or JC Whitney gauge.  If you
don't get 3.4 bar when warm - toss it over the fence.
(I concur with those who maintain that the things can be adjusted back to 
specification.  I have a dead one downstairs, and I plan to try it sometime 
this winter.)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club