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RE. Hard starts

Iv'e been reading the thread about hard starting turbos.  It seems that 
the o-rings are the cause.  

1. Any good tips for removing injectors on a 89' 200 (do's dont's,etc.)
2. Do I need to replace the entire fuel injector or are there replacement 
o-rings: does anyone know the dimensions? a co. i deal with named Rocket seals
has viton o-rings cheap! I need o.d., i.d., and w (cross section dia.)  
If I bought a bag I would send them out to listeners for next to nothing. 

If i hadn't read that damn thread, I would have never thought anything 
was out of the normal, but now you mentioned it it does turn over a few 
times before catching.

Thanks Brian Link
86 cgt
89 200t
46 ercoupe