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Re: Imparts Discount?????

erickson@teleport.com said:

>> I spoke with "Jackie" and she had not heard of any
>> discount for "Quattro" list members.
>> What gives?
>Early in June I had emailed Imparts to ask if they had any sort of a
>discount available for Quattro List members.  Here is the response that
>I got back from Larry Haines, the Mail Order Manager:
>> Dear Gary,
>> We do not descriminate between club members and non club members.  We do
>> offer a substantial savings on our products to everybody.
>I did reply to this message to make sure that he realized that it wasn't
>a club, per say, that I was talking about; I never did get any sort of a
>response back.

Once again Jim or Victor ONLY folks, that's the only way your going to 
get a discount.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO