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pagid part numbers

Martin Slotterback wrote: 

>  I am looking for the PART# for the pads that were available from >Ned
>Ritchie ie: IA. I bought a set from him a couple of years back and I am
>interested in finding them again. My parts guy deals with some >companies
>that sell PAGID products and if I can give him the #s we can try to
>locate some.
>   Thanks as always,
>     Marty S.

I'm assuming that you have the 5000/200 if you got them from Ned.

I just got a set of "orange" pads.  I use them all summer long and for 
track events and absolutly love them.  The part numbers for the "orange
are .... PAGID RS4-4     ....
    .... NON ASBESTOS    ....
    .... U1276     A3/96 ....
This is exactly how it is stamped on the back of the pad.  I would 
assume the part number to be RS4-4, however it may be the U1276.  I
think A3/96 is probably manufacture date.

Good luck and let us know the price.  I got them from Anderson Bros. 
and paid 195.00 for them.

Scott J. Doherty
91 200 TQ20V
88 5000 CSTQ
87 4000 CSQ
82 Euro UrQ hopefully next week!