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Re: fix sagging headliner

Preston:  I had the same problem on my '86.  FIX IT NOW or you will be in 
for really sagging troubles.  I bought a product from 3M called general 
trim adhesive (when you read the can, make sure they mention headliners 
as fixable items with that product).  Before I found the right stuff, I 
had tried to glue it back up with "regular" adhesive.  All it did was 
soak through the headliner and make a mess.  With the 3M, you spray it 
generously on the foam side of the headliner, wait a minute, and then 
press it into place with a seam roller.  I found it easier to do by 
cutting my headliner (which had sagged to the sunroof) down the middle.  
If done carefully, the seam is barely noticeable.  Tuck the edges of the 
liner into the side panels and rear panel (around the rear window) with a 
spackle or putty knife.  Be sure to use 3M product in well ventilated 

'86 5KCST
'89 200Q