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Sunroof Parts

Well, it is starting to act like summer in Minnesota again. Young son 
decided it is time to fix the sunroof (never has worked since he got 
the car) My analysis is that it has some gear problems in the 
gearhead of the electric motor. Also, there may be excessive wear of 
the gear that meshes with the spiral wire on the "marvel of 
engineering" cable - can't tell yet. I'm looking for repair parts. My 
local mechanic/junkyard person tells me that he does not bother to 
save them (motor assembly) since 9 times out of 10 they are bad. His 
advise - try to get it sealed up and don't screw with it - to 
expensive, etc. Is this true? Is it this difficult to deal with? How 
about repair parts - are gears available or does one buy a complete 
assembly? Anyone out there have one for sale from a parted-out car?
His car is a 4KCSQ - It looks as if the 5000's use the same assembly -