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Re: Audi upholstery

Sean writes:
>Mark, Mark, Mark,
>   You're new to the Audi thing, so we'll let this slide, but you're about to
>be awakened to the horrors of upscale European parts pricing in the US. Go
>to some V8 owners and find out how much those Yugo-related parts cost! I'm
>you thought VW parts bordered on the expensive side... wait'll you see what
>Audi parts run you. You will be thanking your God that you found this list
>it's many, many cost-saving ideas and sources. "I don't see why the type
of car
>would matter much", you kill me.

Hey Sean, give the guy a break. Mark's an engineer.

Um, actually, he's a *software* engineer. Does that count?


...and by the way, Mark works down the hall from me. I've got a bottle of
smelling salts for his first call to the local dealer for pricing