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Those dirty A4 wheels...

Rodney Henderson <rhender@flash.net> said:
>I purchased an A4 1.8T a couple of months ago (my first Audi) and
>I'm really enjoying it.  The only problem I'm having is the brake
>dust on the front wheels.  I tried wiping down the wheels with a wet
>paper towel every day and that keeps the wheels clean, but am I
>scratching the wheels?  If I shouldn't do this, is there something
>else I can do to help keep the wheels clean?

Yea, those wheels do get nasty... some have suggested using Kleen
Wheels, those disks the fit between the rotor and wheel. I would 
worry that heat buildup would be a problem and warp everything in the

I have used wax and some stuff, Black Magic Paint Protectant. Its a
semi clear spray that you just wipe on and off. It doesnt keep the
dust off, it it does let me use a high pressure water stream to 
remove the dust.

So far, I have NOT used any wheel cleaners, but used soft brushes and
car wash detergent.

Jason Palmer
97 A4 1.8tqm w/ 3100 miles and really dirty 5 spoke wheels