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Re: AC Compressor: Sanden source

>I'm buying mine as a turnkey kit with a bracket, hose, etc - ready to
>go the my 87 5K CSTQ from International Conditioning Ent. in San
>Diego. They've done all the homework to build and test a complete
>ready to go kit at $570. They'll prep it for either R12 or R134, and
>as long as I'm switching out the compressor, I'm moving to R134 as
>well. This should be done next week - I'll report on how it goes. 
>I found ICE's number via the www.four11.com service's yellow pages
>- mark
>Mark Aaldering

You better off staying with the R12, 134A will give you a lot of trouble, a
system that is designed to work with R12 should stay that way......chances
are that you will regret it later and it will cost you a LOT more
We (OEM AC MFG) do not recommand to CONVERT.......